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Star Spotlight: Secret

by admin // Friday, December 7, 2012 // Upfront // 0 Comments
Secret is a Korean 4 member girl group, they are known for songs that remind people of the 1940s to the 1960s and the ability to switch images, from cute girl next door to sexy and alluring. Secret first debuted in October 2009 with “I Want You Back”. The single put the girls on the radar but it wasn’t until their single “Madonna” did they start to garner a stable following with 1 million views on both Youtube and Cyworld. 
 “Madonna” is a jazz song that has an addictive beat matches with a signature dance move that has many celebrities from f(x) to Shinee to Jay Park and many others. The music video matches the vibe of the song with the members dancing to the backdrop of a stage from the 1940s jazz stage. 

However, even with the gained recognition after “Madonna” it wasn’t until finally with “Shy Boy” in Janruary 2011 did their popularity take off. Secret won their first Mutizen award on hit music show, Inkigayo with "Shy Boy". Secret returns with a cute image with "Shy Boy", a complete 180 from their original image in "Madonna". The song has a swing dance style while the music videos had the members styled in 1960s costumes and creating another signature dance move to this song.

Now after a year of hiatus from the Korean music industry as the girls pursued their dreams in expanding their fanbase in the Japanese market, Secret returns with “Poison”. The time the girls returns with a sexy, feminine and 1940's old Hollywood image as the girls steal a diamond and escape from the grasp of a detective. As the girls the have matured they decided to comeback with a more mature sexier image through "Poison" compared to "Madonna" and their past singles.

Recently, Secret followed their success of “Poison” with “Talk That" where the girls shows a new side to their fans. Secret teams up with producer Shinsadong Tiger to bring out "Talk That", a French-electric style song featuring minor chords and emotional vocals, which is different from their usual bright and confident style. The music video showcases the acting abilities of the girls as they portray the emotional lyrics of the song through the dramatic video. 


Secret is an extremely versatile group who is able to show a variety of different images from sexy to cute. For more music videos check out their artist page at: