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From Heels to Tennis Shoes: Girls Generation's Transformation

by admin // Friday, January 11, 2013 // Upfront // 0 Comments


When we think of Girls' Generation, we think of the iconic heels and long legs that the group is known for. From "Gee" to "The Boys", the style of the girls have always been a well polished, fashionista concept. 

For example, the style of Girls' Generation in "The Boys" portrays the members as strong confident women who make all the boys turn their heads. 

This year, Girls' Generation decided to change up their image in their recent comeback, “I Got A Boy”. For their comeback, the members were styled in a “off-beat” look that is more known to be the style of fellow bandmates, f(x). The members were seen dancing to a modern dance to fit the unique song that seems to be a mashup of a variety of different melodies but still is just as addictive as their previous releases.

Which concept do you like better?