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 The beautiful Antonique Smith

Antonique Smith is one of the most acomplished multi-talented individuals Blastro has ever met.   She's an accomplished Broadway actress, a film actress and R&B singer.   She starred in the hip-hop biopic "Notorious" as Faith Evans.   On Broadway, she performed in the leading role of Mimi Marquez in "Rent".


Antonique took some time out of her busy schedule to talk with Blastro.   In our special feature video, she talks about Whitney Houston's influence, her roles in "Rent" and "Notorious", her fans who supported her Kickstarter campaign to do her new album, and the "Thinkin Bout You" music video.




Watch Antonique Smith's video "Thinkin Bout You":




Antonique was the guest star in Rick Ross' "Amsterdam" music video.  Here's a couple with an opulent European style mansion, but the space feels so loney.:



"Notorious" director George Tillman, Jr. talks about the film's big concert scene at the Hammerstein Ballroom. : 


Antonique Smith on Facebook:

Antonique Smith on Twitter:


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 As an of Austin TX native, I look forward to SXSW every year.  I spend hours going through all the artist listings trying to make decisions about which new acts I should go and check out.

Nicky Lee and Eddie Shin.  Aziatix debut performance at SXSW 2012Flowsik gets the audience singing.  Aziatix 2012 SXSW debut performance.Aziatix meeting their fans at their SXSW debut in Austin TX.  March 16 2012Big love from the fans at Aziatix SXSW debut performanceFlowsik signs a poster for a fan at Aziatix 2012 SXSW debut.  Austin TX March 16 2012

This year one act stuck out like a shining star - Aziatix.   In little over one year, they’ve released eight music videos, toured around the world, and won Blastro’s Best New Artist Video award which was voted on by music industry professionals.

Their debut album, “Nocturnal”, made the iTunes top 10 charts, and it gets regular listens in my music player month after month.

Most artists performing at SXSW only get one official showcase slot.  What’s unusual about Aziatix’s 2012 SXSW appearance is they were selected to perform two headlining showcases.  Impressive, this does not happen very often.

SXSW is about discovering the next new music artists, but the festival is evolving into something grander.  The night of the first Aziatix headliner showcase, Bruce Springsteen, Lil Wayne, T.I., B.o.B, and Wale, to name a few, were also performing at venues all within walking distance to each other.

Industry music festivals are a good way to separate the wannabes and pretenders from the new stars.  Artists can sometimes face sparse crowds, audiences who are unfamiliar with your music, or uninterested music industry professionals at the showcase.  The artists need to step up on the stage and give it all they’ve got.  Despite an exhausting long flight in from Korea, Aziatix stepped up and gave an impressive SXSW debut performance.

Aziatix gave memorable performances at their SXSW debut on both nights.

Rob Campanell
Director of Content Programming - Blastro



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Every Wednesday from here on out has been designated as the official HIP-HOP HUMPDAY here in Blastro World.

In Celebration of this Much Needed Break from your work week we hittin' you off with the Hottest Videos of the week...based on your emails and opinions.

This Week's countdown features a couple of new joints and some hot gossip and of course The Blasted Pick. Tune in and see who you made #1 this week.

And the beef continues...

Welcome to the Terrodome

Get Jiggly with it...

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Keyshia Cole
When in recent years R&B has focused on asses, thongs, and jeans, 21 year old Keyshia Cole has come to rescue R&B and restore it to what is once was, music about relationships, love, emotions, and reconciliation. On her album "The Way it Is"
her strong, sultry voice powerfully glides effortlessly up and down the scales with grace. This artist has already is made impressions on music artists like John Legend and Kanye West who wrote and produced the track "I Should have Cheated", a song about a woman who is constantly accused of cheating by her boyfriend. My favorite "Love"
a song about a woman who loves a man who keeps the wrong kind of company, is a slow jam of that plays like the old-school slow jams of young R&B greats like Monica and Brandy.I have been long-awaiting to hear music of this soulful quality for what seems like ages. "The Way It is" is the way it should be.
Cole releases her debut single "I Changed My Mind" on April 3rd through A&M records
and she'll start her tour in Fort Lauderdale at the end of March and tour on through April.