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Mike Posner doesn't want to "trick people into" liking him by collaborating on his debut album.

The 'Cooler Than Me' singer has enjoyed US success with his album '31 Minutes To Take Off' - on which he sings all the songs - but said he wasn't prepared to compromise any of his tracks by getting a more established star who is more famous than him, to appear as a guest star.

He said: "I have my whole career to work with other people and I felt it was important with my first album to not be tricking people into liking me. And I believe wholeheartedly in my ability to make a great album, to make 12 great songs myself.

"I think as long as it helps the song, I'm not opposed to collaborating with people, and there's a million people I'd like to work with in the future, but you'll see some and it's just like, so obvious, and it's just like 'who cut the cheque', you know, and that's not what music's about."

The US singer also claims fans won't get bored with his record because every track has a completely different sound to it.

He added: "I made a 21st century album. What I mean when I say that, is, instead of pushing 'menu' on your MP3 player and changing artist 12 times, you put on my album once an you won't get bored.

"Every song is as quality as the one which comes before, but different."

'Cooler Than Me' is released in the UK on November 8.

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Kesha loves fat men.

The 'Blah Blah Blah' singer - who is currently single - admits she has a less-than-traditional taste in men and can't stand the thought of dating someone too well-groomed.

She said: "My ideal man would be funny and fat with a beard. I love fat men. I like real men. I don't like really feminine men who tan. I don't understand that. I like a funny man, though. Russell Brand's not quite my type, but if he had a fat, bearded friend, that would be perfect."

The outspoken 23-year-old star also admitted her biggest turn off would be to date someone who spends longer in the bathroom than she does.

She told heat magazine: "I could not bear to go out with a guy who takes longer than me to get ready. I don't want someone who's going to steal my moisturizer."

Though she has a lengthy list of specifications for a partner, Kesha insists she isn't ready to settle down just yet.

She said: "I'm far from lonely. Far, far from it. But I don't want to settle down yet. Gross!"


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Blastro brings you some screenshots from the new Fight Night Round 3 on PS3.

Barrera landing a big punch.
Fight Night Round 3

Big E taking a big punch.
Fight Night Round 3

Corrales landing a vicious uppercut.

De La Hoya getting jacked in the jaw.
De La Hoya

Duran nailing an opponent.

Escabedo taking a wicked hit to the face. Just look at his face jiggle.

Gatti throwing an uppercut for the knockout.
Gatti Punch

This game is wicked. Stay tuned for video trailers.