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Five diverse acts at Speakeasy
by admin // Monday, February 23, 2015 // News // 0 Comments

Five contemporary alternative rock and hip hop artists with different styles and great musical talent will represent Uruguay at South by Southwest (SXSW), the prestigious conference and festival that will take place in Austin, Texas, from March 17 to 21.
The rich musical proposal of SXSW - Sounds from Uruguay consists of different musical trends presented by Santullo, AFC, Boomerang, Once Tiros and Fede Graña & Los Prolijos. After three consecutive years, this event is starting to become a classic at SXSW. It showcases the great musical talent from this South American country that may be geographically small, but has great musical history and richness.
"Sounds of Uruguay" will be featured at SXSW, on Wednesday, March 18, at Speakeasy (412 Congress Ave.). The musical line-up will deliver rock with hues of hip hop by Santullo, presented by the colectivo Bajofondo. AFC will make their U.S. debut with their southern hip-hop style, directly from Montevideo. And the eclectic folk-rock of Fede Graña & Los Prolijos will join the groups Boomerang and Once Tiros to complete said country's musical agenda for the event. This is a clear example of the musical style that one can experience in that country that has a population of 3.5 million and is one of the most progressive ones in Latin America.
"Sounds from Uruguay" is an event that has struck deep in the hearts of audiences and is starting to becme a classic at SXSW. During the first two years, contemporary artists participated in this event, featuring musical fusion and a variety of influences from Uruguay's classic rhythms. Among said rhythms there was tango, candombe and murga. Montevideo is a vibrant city with a great cultural diversity and a mix of different European, Latin and African influences. It has also been the birthplace of great international artists as well as renowned authors and excellent soccer players (soccer is undoubtedly Uruguay's national sport).
Uruguay's artists reflect with their music the identity and culture of a society made up by immigrants. 88% of that country's population stems from European countries, mainly Italy, Spain, France and England, and to a lesser degree from Africa. The contributions these nations have made to the music of Uruguay have promoted the development of an unparalleled identity in the case of many of its artists. 

Release new album "So Cal Soul"
by Rob Campanell // Monday, March 24, 2014 // Hip Hop, News, Upfront // 0 Comments

Conner Evans premieres his first video from his new album "So Cal Soul".   “So. Cal Soul” sees Connor Evans putting aside big, booming anthems like “Issues”and “Home To The West” in favor of more authentic, gritty, soul drenched Hip-Hop. The album will please Connor Evans core fans however will open the eyes of even the most skeptical music/Hip-Hop fan to Evans lyrical ability and knack for selecting only the best production.  



The album features the soulful lead single, “Kanye Glasses” which is currently making its rounds in the blogsphere with likes of VIBE, DJBooth, Karen Civil and more championing the songs stellar production and Connor’s smooth flow.  “So. Cal Soul” is produced by Connor Evans and longtime collaborators BHB.

The album drops April 28th, 2014.

Blastro is featuring a special curated playlist from Connor Evans.  According to Connor, "these are ten joints that are real nostalgic for me.  They all take me back to different moments in my life.  I hope they do that for you; and if you don't know some of them I hope they give you the feeling I got when I first heard them."

Here's Connor's playlist picks and his comments on each.

The Game - Wouldn't Get Far. As a song this dope, as a video it's f*cking fantastic.  The idea of mocking Pop Up Video while The Game calling vixens out by name is fire.  This is a classic Game/Kanye feature in my book.

The Diplomats - Dipset Anthem. One of my favorite eras of rap.  The music was just so gritty.  The switch up.  This just feels like Harlem.  "Now that's powerful music man..."

Fabolous -  Fab made a HIT and the beat sampled Supertramp and he spit conscious real sh*t?!? Dog...

Dilated Peoples - This Way. "Now turn it up..."  OK THIS WAS AND STILL IS THE F*CKING JAM.  I can't express the amount of love I've got for this song.  This type of sh*t is the reason I love hip hop.  The beat is addicting.  The music empowering.  The words have content, soul, and entertainment value.  I remember bumping this song on replay for like five days straight when I first heard it.

Miguel - All I Want Is You. This was one of the dopest song's of 2010 and for sure one of Cole's illest guest verses.  Salaam Remi murdered the production.  It's got that Fugees feel and Miguel and Cole compliment the beat perfectly.

Cam`ron - Hey Ma. I think everyone born in the 90s knows this song word for word and if you don't we're no longer friends.  You can throw this on at any party today and it still shuts sh*t down.  This is that windows down, summer time, timeless anthem.

Jay-Z feat. Swizz Beatz - On To The Next On. The visuals in this video are way too raw.  The black and white color scheme and simple imagery juxtaposed against the chaotic production of the song is visual-auditory yin and yang.


Murs - L.A. If you're from So Cal and don't know this song by heart kill yourself yesterday.  I've had the pleasure of meeting Murs a couple times.  Not only is homie a dope ass rapper who actually uses his platform for positivity, he's a genuinely awesome dude from what I can tell.

T.I. - What You Know. This sh*t can make you feel like you got a millie in the trunk of your Toyota Corolla.  The point is no matter what your situation is, throwing this on has you feeling like the f*cking man.  I dig TI having a sense of humor on that intro and doing something different (back then every rapper didn't have 14 alter-egos).    


AZ - The Format. RAP. 

Watch the playlist here.





Scores another number one with Eminem.
by Fuse // Wednesday, December 11, 2013 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments
Elaine Moran and Katie Van Buren bring the news about Rihanna's latest number 1 Billboard pop song.  Monster, a duet with Eminem gave her tweleve number ones.  She is the youngest and fast solo act to reach this plateau.  
New music festival for Hong Kong
by Fuse // Tuesday, December 10, 2013 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments
Liz Walaszczyk reports from Hong Kong on the Blohk Party festival.   The festival takes place in the West Kowloon Cultural District.  Steve Aoki and Pharrell talk about their special feelings for the Hong Kong fans.