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Blastro Music Video Awards 2012: Sexy Video of the Year

by admin // Wednesday, December 19, 2012 // Upfront, News // 0 Comments



Blastro is excited to announce the nominees for its annual Music Video Awards! We have seen hundreds of music videos from up-and-coming artists, music veterans and all artists in between, and we thought we would show some light on a few videos that really stood out this year. 

Blastro programmers have chosen videos that have been particularly successful with Blastro's audience and have placed them in four categories : Video Artist of the Year, Sexy Video of the Year, Best New Artist of the Year and Innovation Award. Winners will be selected by music fans. Voting for music fans will run from December 21, 2012 to December 28, 2012 through our Facebook and Twitter RT. The winners will be announced on January 3, 2013 .

Sexy video of the year should be a playful topic. So without further ado, here are the nominees:

Kelly Rowland "ICE"

Kelly Rowland once again gets nominated into this category with "ICE". She continues to seduce us with her dance and crystal studed lips.

Havana Brown ft. Pitbull "We Run The Night"

Havana Brown makes her breakthrough performance with "We Run The Night' ft Pitbull. The song brings and enticing and exciting beat to the dance floor just as she entices us to dance along in her music video.

Ga-In "Bloom"

K-pop artist Ga-In from the girl group, Brown Eyed Girls, shows a feminine yet undeniably sexy image in "Bloom". The music video stars Ga-In portraying a girl who became a real woman through love even showing her in an intimate scene as she "blooms" into a woman. Although the music video may seem innocent along the song however the lyrics and the certain parts of the music video show the sexy image of Ga-In.