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Blastro Features Korean-American R&B/Hip-Hop Trio Aziatix

by admin // Friday, September 9, 2011 // Upfront, News, Interviews // 0 Comments

Recognizing that talent that exists in America and beyond, Blastro has taken interest in introducing its online audience to fresh, new global acts. With a dedicated fan base that is one of the strongest in pop music today, Blastro started programming K-pop music videos in 2008. Although it remains a niche in North America, K-pop has proved to be very popular with the Blastro audience.

Blastro got the chance to talk with Nicky Lee, Flowsik and Eddie Shin of Korean-American R&B/hip-hop group Aziatix about how they came together as a trio, what it means to them to be a successful global act and the meaning behind a few of their hit tracks.

All three of the guys who make up Aziatix started their run in the music industry as solo artists influenced by hugely different backgrounds. Born in Seoul but raised in Los Angeles, Nicky Lee claims he discovered his passion and talent for music by singing gospel in church. On the opposite coast, Flowsik studied various styles of hip-hop from an early age in New York at a time when the genre was dominating. Eddie Shin hails from Boston and started out as a singer-songwriter in the K-pop market. After studying to become a producer at NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, he realized he had what it takes to be the artist. The combination of Nicky Lee's R&B/gospel influence, Flowsik's hip hop style and Eddie Shin's sweet, flowing vocals produce a sound that sets them apart from other bands in the K-pop genre.

Humbled by the success of their first few hits, the threesome share how blessed they are to bring something new and refreshing to the K-pop table: "Being a Korean-American was definitely tough, especially in New York, you don't see Korean-American or Asian-American rappers trying to put out work and trying to put things out in the hip hop industry," Flowsik explains. "I was just very confident and I really believe...I know for a fact God blessed me with something different - something unique - and that's what just kept me going."

The trio thank the Internet for much of their success, citing the web as one of the many means responsible for getting their music out to different parts of the world. "That's the beauty of music - it transcends all language barriers. It transcends all color lines. We have been noticing that a lot of our fan clubs have been popping up from Mexico, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore - it's been crazy," Nicky Lee exclaims.

What's great about Aziatix is that they are an American K-pop band. This gives them the opportunity to breakthough to more mainstream appeal. Unlike many American acts, they are global - they work in Korea, USA and Taiwan. Today's music fans are worldwide, and Aziatix demonstrates how to connect and build a global fanbase. Their producer, Jae Chong, has crafted tight songs which showcase the trio's R&B, hip-hop and pop talents. Ready to spread the music on a national scale, Blastro continues to support K-pop music and its quest for success in North America.

To hear more about their unique backgrounds and the idea behind music videos for their hit songs "Go," "Cold," and "Slippin Away," check out this exclusive interview with Aziatix!