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50 Cent Urged to Adopt Rhino

by admin // Monday, October 11, 2010 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments

50 Cent has been asked to become the "godfather" of a rhinoceros.

The 'Baby By Me' rapper was urged by South African charity eBlockwatch to adopt Phila, an endangered black rhino who has been shot nine times by poachers.

The group think 50 will be able to relate to the animal's plight, as he was also shot nine times on the streets of New York when he was an up-and-coming rapper.

Andre Snyman of eBlockwatch told South Africa's Sunday Times newspaper: "We want to ask him if he wants to become the godfather of our rhino so that he can create awareness worldwide about rhino poaching."

Andre also joked that, as the animal is bigger than the rapper - whose real name is Curtis Jackson - she could be renamed One Pound if he does adopt her.

Poachers in South Africa target rhinos for their horns, which are then sold to the Far East for a high price, where they are used in traditional medicines.

Phila was shot twice in July by poachers, prompting her owner to cut off her horn in an attempt to protect the creature - only for hunters to return and shoot her another seven times while trying to hack out the stub of the horn.

eBlockwatch has already taken moves to protect Phila, by issuing her a bodyguard - a trained security lion.

50 has yet to respond to say if he would be willing to sponsor or adopt the rhino.

Poaching of the animals is a huge problem in South Africa and is on the rise, with 227 slaughtered so far this year, compared to 122 last year.