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Taiwanese singer/actor/producer Jay Chou makes his second dive into the international film industry with his grandiose film, The Rooftop. The previous Green Lantern actor, alongside actors Wang Xueqi, Eric Tsang, and Alan Ko, plays the part of a carefree music lover lover in a fantasy world where society is split up into two groups. The first group is the carefree, singing throughout the day rooftop lovers just like himself while the second group, the bourgeois class resides below the rooftops with possession over power and money. Jay Chou’s character is caught in a love battle when he falls in love with a girl from the bourgeois class and will defy all odds in order to be with the woman he loves.

The grand scale film, inspired by both Bollywood and old Hollywood is set to debut in the USA on Monday, July 15th at Asia Society, as part of the New York Asian Film Festival. Asia Society is located at 725 Park Avenue, at East 70th Street. Tickets may be purchased by visiting the Asia Society box office or online. Tickets are $11 for non-members, $9 for Seniors, and $9 for students with identification.

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The Weekly Recap is for introducing some of the highlights that we’ve seen in this past week’s music video releases. This week’s recap is the Summer Dance Edition. 
Last week, Baek A Yeon, Sunny Hill, and Dal Shabet kicked off the staple bright summer dance numbers. This week continues the trend as 4minute, B.A.P and many more artists make their returns with songs that are either simply warm or simply poppin. 
Leading the pack of comebacks is Girl’s Day with their song “Female President”. Girl's Day shows that women are in power as the music video features the members once again introducing an seductive back dance following their hit "Expectation" along with a storyline of the girls being in power and that it's ok for the girls to make the first move.

Roy Kim is also at the front of the pack with his song “Love Love Love”. From the same artist of "Spring Spring Spring" Roy Kim kicks off the summer with his acoustic song. The music video stars himself performing along the streets of Seoul surrounded by his many fans promoting the meaning of Love.

From sexy back dances to happy acoustics, the comebacks this week have been both bright and upbeat. Continuing the same trend are the Rookies. Rookie girl group Crayon Pop returns with another dance song that represents their signature style. Crayon Pop teaches their viewers the new song's zany and free-spirited choreography. "Bar Bar ( Bar)" is an upbeat and addictive song that is very much Crayon Pop while the music video shows the girls performing this choreography throughout various parts of an amusement park.

Despite the sudden influx of the Happy Summer songs, the sexy divas of Sistar still remain on top with their song, “Give It To Me”. The divas dazzle with individual segments throughout the song inspired by Moulin Rouge and Cirque du Soleil while they express the sorrows that comes with love. 

The Happy Summer virus has spread throughout kpop as we welcome in the beginning of summer. With the comebacks of 4minute and B.A.P this week, will the reigning All Kill artists like Sistar or Lee Sung Chul be able to keep their spots for next week’s All Kill?
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The Weekly Recap is for introducing some of the highlights that we’ve seen in this past week’s music video releases. This week’s recap is the Darling Edition. 

Last week we saw the return of the sexy divas, Sistar and Afterschool. This week we saw the cute comebacks of female veterans like Baek A Yeon, Sunnyhill and Dal Shabet. Baek A Yeon starts off the week with her return as a bubbly, bright girl for her track "A Good Boy". The song is an fun upbeat pop track that still shows off her impressive vocals. While throughout the music video Baek A Yeon searches for the perfect good guy.

Sunnyhill also charms the viewers with their fresh song, 'Darling of All Hearts', which written by Kim Yena and KZ along with musician 'Hareem' who creates an even brighter atmosphere using instruments like the greek bouzouk and the Irish Whistle. The song has a Bohemian polka-rhythm matched with a Jungle and Rock feeling so that even though the song sings about the sad moments when one is single; the cute lyrics will make people laugh and agree with them at the same time.

Superstar K4’s contestant, singer, and producer, Kye Bum Joo, is back with his debut single 'The Ceiling'. The music video was made by the famous producer 'SIN' and stars NU'EST's Aron as the main lead. The song has a old school hip-hop sound with jazz mixed in it that helps matching Kye Bum Joo's soothing voice with Moowoong's energetic rap. 

Last week’s marked the battle for the title as the sexiest seductresses with all of the sexy releases, however, it was Sistar who came out on top with an All Kill ever since they released the single. Sistar returned last week as sexy with "Give It To Me”, which expresses the sorrow that comes with love, while its accompanying MV will entrance you with all its dazzling visual elements inspired by Moulin Rouge and Cirque du Soleil.

Who will win in the end? The Darling Concept or the Seductress Concept?
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The engaged couple is spotted on a date night. We have the exclusive photos.