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The Weekly Recap is for introducing some of the highlights that we’ve seen in this past week’s music video releases. This week’s recap is the battle of the legends. 

A Major Comeback that came out this week is legendary K-pop artist, Cho Yong Pil with “Hello”. Known as one of the most influential people in the Korean Music Industry, he returns after 10 years hoping to bridge the gap between generations with his new release. The music video is set in U.S. suburbs and has a cartoon video style.

Another Major Comeback is Big Bang’s Leader, G-Dragon, who takes crazy to the next level with "Michi Go". The song is loud and addicting with a music video that compliments it perfectly with G-dragon changing outfits, hair, hats from one scene to another and special appearances from Se7en, fellow band member Taeyang, and Yang Seungho.

New Artist Lookout is Roy Kim, the SuperStar K4 winner has garnered a huge following of fans since the show and has now returned with his new song “Spring Spring Spring”. The music video stars the singer basking in the warmth of the spring season in front of cherry blossoms as he switch from one Spring scene to another.

All Kill Artist is someone who has killed the chart throughout this whole week and maybe even longer. That artist is Psy in his return with “Gentleman”. The music video has already garnered over 200 million views on youtube since it launched only two weeks ago and it’s still not stopping. The music video introduces the famous butt dance originally made famous by Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” and member Ga-In has stepped in as Psy’s main girl in this video. 

Next week is filled with anticipated comebacks from bands like SHINee, 4minute, and Secret, we will see who will rise to the top and stand out among the throng. 
Check out our playlist to see other videos released during that week. 
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VPOP is new to the United States.  However, international awareness of Vietnamese groups has increased. One of the groups that have achieved quite a bit of success in garnering international fans is 365daband with comments on their youtube account shows fans from as far as Europe! 

The 5 member band debuted under VAA with their song “Awakening” on December 16, 2010 and within 4 months, their fanbase grew with over 22000 fans, now their website has over 1 million hits.   “They have had quite some exposure through Asian Pop Radio Australia, AU Review and their MV broadcasted alongside popular kpop MVs on SBSPOPASIA as well as featured on 24/7 kpop news website. The quality of their music as well as production rivals that of music and MVs internationally.”
The highlight of 365daband is their musical influences such as  Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop which gives them their modern urban pop sound. There are five members in the group with very different styles: Isaac – cool man, Jun – Family boy, Tronie – Charming prince, Will – Rebelion and S.T – Kiddo.
Creative director, Ngo Thanh Van, who runs VAA, worked together with video director Tands Lee, to create “Get On the Floor”. A modern dance song accompanied by a music video that sets the members in a desert adorned with intricate costumes. The beginning of the music video contrasts against the second half that is more modern and focuses on the dance skills that the band has.