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Nylon Pink has announced their Japan Tour 2013. In order to fund their tour around Japan, the band has launched a Kickstarter Campaign.

"We are shooting for the financial goal of $10,000 in 30 days. Your donations go towards the full production of our tour: ensuring us food and shelter, transportation of ourselves and our gear, travel between show dates, and paying any additional crew members. Also any other funds that exceed $10,000 will go to the production the cd: recording, mixing, mastering, pressing, promotions, marketing. Realistically we will need $20,000 to fund our album -- any overage will be used by us wisely! " Quoted from the official website. 

To help just go to this page and look on the right side of the page to either preorder the CD or donate whatever you can. There are a variety of awesome packages to choose from and you can even get your name printed on the CD itself.

Also don't forget to catch them on tour! 

Here are the dates: (more dates to come)

March 23rd - 下北沢 Garage

Nylon Pink / Romantic Punch / Right Now


March 29 - 大阪 Hard Rock Cafe


March 30th - The Juke Joint 西麻布

Bands and DJs: TBA


April 1 - Hard Rock Cafe 六本木


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From Michael Jackson’s iconic music video “Billie Jean” to Lauryn Hill’s “Doo-Woop (That Thing)”, split screen filmmaking has been a staple tool in creating innovative music videos. Now in 2013 k-pop music industry we have been noticing a trend of using split screen in music videos. 

The first to use split screen production in their music video is LeeSSang “Tears” featuring Eugene from THE SEEYA. The music video focuses NS Yoon-G and DMTN’s, formerly known as Dalmatian, Daniel as a couple who have recently broken up and are dealing with the loss.

On a happier note, CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT’s “Love Recipe” focuses on various forms of love. From love between lovers, to family, to friends, the group uses the split screen technique to present thes forms of love as ingredients needed for a love recipe.

Huh Gak continues the trend of using split screen in his music video, “1440”. In the music video the technique is used to connect a pair of lovers as they get ready for their date.

Which music video do you think the split screen technique worked the best in?
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SkyBlu and Mark Rosas has teamed up together traveling around the world for the Big Bad University tour. Now they have created the hit song "Pop Bottles" and viral music video following them on their crazy partying tour around the world.


In our special feature video, SkyBlu and Mark Rosas sits down with us in New York and talk about their partying ways that inspired the song "Pop Bottles" and the possibility of another music video for the song. SkyBlu also talks about making a spanish song while Mark Rosas tells us a little bit of his solo single "Higher". 




Watch SkyBlu and Mark Rosas Music Video of "Pop Bottles":