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Daft Punk

Daft Punk is set to release their first studio album in eight years in May.

The French duo, which consists of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, have signed a new record deal with the Sony-owned Columbia label.

Not much is known about the outfit's planned fourth studio album, although the list predicted list of possible collaborators is long. Chic co-founder Nile Rodgers recently hinted that it would be released soon, and Oscar-winning songwriter Paul Williams, Feist collaborator Chilly Gonzales,  Animal Collective's Panda Bear and disco pioneer Giorgio Mooroder (via a spoken monologue) are among those who have reportedly collaborated with Daft Punk over the past few years.

Daft Punk last played in the UK at Wireless festival in 2007, but the chances of any new live shows are not promising, especially after rumors were squashed that the duo would play at this spring's Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

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When we think of Girls' Generation, we think of the iconic heels and long legs that the group is known for. From "Gee" to "The Boys", the style of the girls have always been a well polished, fashionista concept. 

For example, the style of Girls' Generation in "The Boys" portrays the members as strong confident women who make all the boys turn their heads. 

This year, Girls' Generation decided to change up their image in their recent comeback, “I Got A Boy”. For their comeback, the members were styled in a “off-beat” look that is more known to be the style of fellow bandmates, f(x). The members were seen dancing to a modern dance to fit the unique song that seems to be a mashup of a variety of different melodies but still is just as addictive as their previous releases.

Which concept do you like better?
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Blastro is excited to announce the winners for its 2012 Blastro Music Video Awards!

In case you need a recap, Blastro programmers recently chose videos that have proved particularly successful with Blastro's dedicated audience and placed them in four categories: Video Artist of the Year, Innovation Award, Sexy Video of the Year, and Best New Artist Video of the Year.
Nominees were selected by their performance in Blastro in 2012. Winners were chosen by music fans who voted on Blastro's Facebook and Twitter RT.
Blastro saw hundreds of amazing videos come through this year from up-and-coming artists, music veterans and all artists in between, and quite a few videos really stood out. 
Video Artist of the Year  nominees are the top videos in term of audience favorites and the ones that stood out the most. Among the top hits this year are Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me" and Big Sean ft Nicki Minaj's "DANCE (A$$)"
The Innovation Award is new category we decided to add to the Blastro Music Video Awards. As music programmers we've watched so many music videos through out the year. The Innovation Award is awarded to the music video that we find the most unique, engaging, and mind blowing. Among the many music videos, ones that stood out were Goyte's "Somebody That I Used To Know" and G-dragon's "CRAYON".
Even with tough competition in both categories, PSY's viral, addictive, and unique "Gangnam Style"  took home the prizes for Video of the Year and Innovation Award. 
Sexy videos flooded the Blastro outlets throughout 2012. Sexy Kelly Rowland steamed up screens everywhere with her video for "Ice" and Korean singer Ga-In creates a delicate image of a woman blooming in "Bloom". But, it was Havana Brown who has entranced the Blastro viewers with her addictive and provacative "We Run The Night", resulting in her win for Sexy Video of the Year.
The Best New Artist nominees are those who have spread themselves to audiences around the world. Kayla Brianna made a successful debut with endorsments and standing out among the many debuts this year with "If You Love Me" and Korean American Ailee has been able to garner a international following with her powerful vocals in "I Will Show You". It was a tight run between all three arists who have strong supportivefans, however, Royalty takes the lead with "Brown Eyed Girl".
Congratulations to all of our nominees and winners, and a big thanks to all of the artists and fans who made 2012 another great year in music!
Again, here are the winners of Blastro's 2012 Music Video Awards:
Video Artist of the Year: Psy - "Gangnam Style"
Innovation Award: Psy - "Gangnam Style"
Sexy Video of the Year: Havana Brown ft Pitbull - "We Run the Night"
Best New Artist: Royalty - "Brown Eyed Girl"