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 The beautiful Antonique Smith

Antonique Smith is one of the most acomplished multi-talented individuals Blastro has ever met.   She's an accomplished Broadway actress, a film actress and R&B singer.   She starred in the hip-hop biopic "Notorious" as Faith Evans.   On Broadway, she performed in the leading role of Mimi Marquez in "Rent".


Antonique took some time out of her busy schedule to talk with Blastro.   In our special feature video, she talks about Whitney Houston's influence, her roles in "Rent" and "Notorious", her fans who supported her Kickstarter campaign to do her new album, and the "Thinkin Bout You" music video.




Watch Antonique Smith's video "Thinkin Bout You":




Antonique was the guest star in Rick Ross' "Amsterdam" music video.  Here's a couple with an opulent European style mansion, but the space feels so loney.:



"Notorious" director George Tillman, Jr. talks about the film's big concert scene at the Hammerstein Ballroom. : 


Antonique Smith on Facebook:

Antonique Smith on Twitter:


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"Immortal Song 2" is the continuation of KBS' hit show, "Immortal Song". The show consists of a mixture of rookie and veteran k-pop singers who come together to compete against each other to see who comes out on top each week. The show is unique because it focuses on the singer’s ability to adapt and perform old time hits in order to show their versatility. 

Among the performers this season is Korean-American rookie soloist, Ailee. She first got into singing by creating a YouTube channel called "aileemusic" that consisted of her covering famous R&B songs because her friends told her tha she was a good singer. She moved to South Korea in 2010 to pursue music and be closer to her roots.
Ailee began to harvest attention with her first TV appearance on MBC’s Chuseok special ‘Singers and Trainees’ singing “Halo” by Beyonce on September 13, 2011. Ailee's stage presence was immediately felt by the audience, who was amazed that she acted like a professional singer, even though she has not yet officially debuted. Through her performance of "Halo", she was dubbed as "Korea's Beyonce". Following her solo performance, singer and judge BMK expressed, "Wherever she goes, she has the potential to be a big star. She definitely has the voice." After the judges had graded everyone, Aille was awarded first place. Since the airing of the show, Ailee has become a hot issue with “Ailee” becoming the #1 searched term on various Korean search engines and portals.

On February 9th, Ailee debuted with her hit single “Heaven”, written and produced by Wheesung and the music video featured Beast's Gi Kwang. In the music video she portrayed a girl who is getting over her lover who has recently passed away. Just one month after her debut, she dominated the Cyworld Music Awards in February where she won two awards for, “Song of the Month” and “Rookie of the Month“. 

Ailee made her entrance onto the show “Immortal Song 2” with “Light and Shadow” by Patti Kim in March 2012. 
She won her first win by performing "Don’t Leave Me" by JYP featuring rapper Shorry. Both JYP, who was the judge of that episode, and the audience were ecstatic and the set was filled with energy. 

Her second win was singing “Fate” by Lee Seung Chul. Through her performance of this somber song she made a complete 180 from her previous win proving her versatility in the songs she could perform. 

She performed her final stage on “Immortal Song 2” on August 6th so that she could be able to focus on promoting her upcoming single, “I Will Show You”.
On October 16, Ailee released her music video for her single, “I’ll Show You“, which featured MBLAQ's G.O. “I Will Show You” is a disco rock song singing about her loss of her lover but even though she feels pain, she will make herself better to show him what he lost.

Ailee is currently still promoting her single, “I Will Show You” which has recently allowed her to win the November 23rd Music Bank K-Chart. Her strong vocals and stage presence has set her apart from the throng of debuting artists this year and she will continue to surprise us with her versatality, from acting to singing for dramas and movies. Her stage presence and success has been further proven through the recent announcement that Ailee will be the opening act for MAMA 2012. 
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Maroon 5's Adam Levine & 50 Cent perform on The Voice

Kicking off the show before giving way to The Voice Top Eight last night, Adam Levine and 50 Cent pumped up the crowd with a performance of their new collaboration, "My Life."

Whether it's for integration or ratings stunts, The Voice is a wonderful home designed to boost singles sales on iTunes charts, especially for the show's coaches. Last week, coaches Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera performed. This week, it was Maroon 5's  Adam Levine and rapper 50 Cent; Eminem, who also appears in the studio cut, did not appear.

The song is off 50 Cent's new album, Street King Immortal, which will be available in time for the holidays.

What do you think of the track?

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Smart TV main menu Blastro app

Blastro is energized and hyped up about the launch of our new video app for Samsung Smart TV.

The new Blastro Samsung Smart TV app lets music video fans watch their favorite music stars and discover new artists from trending up-and-comers. With thousands of videos available for viewers, the content library on the Blastro Smart TV app is both extensive and deep. However, it's more than just a wrapper for content. We put a lot of our technology behind-the-scenes to power this app to make it a more personalized, enjoyable app for viewers to use every day.

Party Mode features our Pandora-style video recommendation engine technology. A viewer can pick an artist from one of our music genres and it generates a playlist of related videos. This technology takes short-form video content and converts it into a long-form TV viewing experience.

Artists and Playlists are powered with our multivariate content analytics technology. In simpler terms, we crunch a bunch of data from both internal and external sources to establish the most popular artists, identify which artists are trending, and make recommendations for our content editors to build curated playlists.

My Stuff and Settings is powered by our personalization technology. Viewers can build playlists on our websites and link them up on the Smart TV app. It will also build a playlist of recommended videos for the viewer based on the videos they like and share.

Already available on, Hulu, Roku, DailyMotion and Verizon FiOS, the new Samsung Smart TV app is an important addition to the Blastro distribution platform. While Blastro videos can be viewed through these various networks, the technology behind this app to recommend, analyze and personalize content is what makes it special.

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