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The success of the popular vocal competition show, "Survival Audition K-pop Star", continues as JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment debuts their first batch of artists from the show.

The uniqueness of the show is that the three largest entertainment/talent agencies in South Korea will hold worldwide auditions to find the next potential stars. Preliminary auditions were held from around the world in countries such as China, USA, Brazil, and Europe. The final winner will debut with the company of his or her choice SM,YG, or JYP, along with a cash prize of three hundred million won(approx. 300,000 U.S. dollars), two brand new vehicles, opportunities to become commercial models and acting in dramas, and many more.

The show consisted of 10 finalists, 9 of which have signed contracts wit either YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, and LEON Entertainment. Now in these past couple months we have seen the debuts of the finalists including winner Park Ji-min, Baek A Yeon, and Lee Hi.

Winner Park Ji-min debuted on October 7th under JYP Entertainment in the duo "15&" along side JYP Entertainment's "genius girl" Baek Yerin. The duo is called 15& because they are both 15 years old. The duo's first single, "I dream", represents their emotions as they begin their journey together. The music video includes clips of when the girls first auditioned and performing on K-pop Star in order to give background on where these girls came from and where they are heading towards, as they aim to become a vocal powerhouse in the South Korean music industry.

Former K-pop contestant, Baek A Yeon also debuted under JYP Entertainment with her first single "I'm Baek" including a self composed song, "Always", by 2PM's Junsu. The single includes the highly popular ballad "Sad Song" composed by one of JYP Entertainment famous composers, Super Changddai , and lyrics by J.Y. Park. The music video follows the song's climax moments as things explode around her to represent the painful beating of her heart that is breaking and scenes of times she has spent with her "lover"

YG Entertainment debuted Lee Ha-yi or now known as Lee Hi. She first started to gather attention by being featured in Epik High's single "It's Cold" which has topped the charts in South Korea. Now her own debut single, "" has already reached #1 in many of the charts throughout South Korea and her music video has already over 2 million views within the last three days since it was first uploaded on October 28, 2012. The single "" is a retro soul song that emphasize her deep, smooth voice. The song reinterprets soul music of the 1960 with a more modern twist. The music video is very much like many other YG entertainment's music videos, filled with color and interesting fashion styles to match the retro feel.

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Carly Rae Jepsen


Carly Rae Jepsen vs. POL POT!


-Canadian Idol contestant

-Performs duets with Adam Young

-Gives out her phone number to strangers



-Responsible for 2M deaths

-Ruthlessly ruled Cambodia from 1975-1979

-Performs duets with David Guetta


1. Jepsen: Biggest hit of the summer.

2. Jepsen: Rolled out of bed hair.

3. Pot: Dictator with guns.

4. Draw: Both have huge overbites.

KNOCKOUT PUNCH! Looks can be deceiving...

Carly Rae Jepsen appeared in the ring full of girly cuteness, but her perfectly styled rolled out of bed hair and willingness to take risks by giving out her number had Pol Pot sucker punched throughout the brawl.