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by admin // Tuesday, August 21, 2012 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments

Just as the summer heats up, Israeli rapper Shi 360 is set to premiere the video for his single "A Shadow at Noon" from his latest album "Shalom Haters."

The first Israeli hip hop artist to go international, SHI 360 uses music as a powerful tool to challenge the mainstream media's oftentimes distorted social and political messages about issues like Israeli conflict and gaps between Muslims and Jews. Since 2006, the hip hop pioneer has been sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) as well as Jewish organization Hillel to tour US cities and campuses to debunk myths of the conflict through debate and music. In 2010, SHI 360 released "United" in response to the flotilla events, searching for justice and challenging the media bias. The song reached an impressive 50,000 views in less than a week.

SHI 360 continues to create positive music on a global scale. This year, the rapper has already released a collaborative album with Turkish Muslim rapper Sirat, been interviewed on National Turkish TV about his activism in bridging gaps between Muslims and Jews, and served as MC and headliner at the annual March of the Living event for 5,000 young Jews visiting Israel. His impact hasn't gone unnoticed in the hip hop community - the rapper recently was the first Israeli artist to premiere on

"SHI 360 represents Blastro's #NewGlobalUrban philosophy. American urban music has influenced the world for two decades. Now, it's coming back to North America in fresh new sounds and stories. Blastro is proud to feature international urban artists. We are excited to introduce SHI 360 to our American audience with his new video, 'A Shadow at Noon,'" says Blastro Networks President and Director of Content Programming Rob Campanell.

SHI 360 opens "A Shadow at Noon" with a sense of nostalgia, a loss of innocence and a realization of the passing of time: "I think back when I was younger/Everything was kosher/Days were longer/My family was closer/But my days are shorter/It's like I'm chasing time/Cause everything's along the dollar sign."

As the lyrics flow through a piano melody, SHI 360 describes the struggle for life's growing hardships. Meanwhile, the mistreated atmosphere of abandoned rooms, shattering glass, and fire in the video instills his inner struggle. Speaking more to his own personal struggle than the other songs on the 'Shalom Haters' album, "A Shadow at Noon" allows listeners to see closer into SHI 360.

The song accurately depicts the rapper's struggles. SHI 360, who was raised in Montreal, Canada, has overcome four heart surgeries and is now one of the leading pioneers in Middle Eastern hip hop, establishing himself as Israel's Hip Hop ambassador. SHI 360 is more than just an Israeli music icon; his appeal is international.

Check out SHI 360's video for "A Shadow at Noon" here, exclusively premiering on Blastro now!