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Wonder Girls in America

The Wonder Girls have had quite a year in America. caught up with them at their fan meet and greet in New Jersey.  The girls talk about their tour with the Jonas Brothers, their experiences in America, including their opinions about American boys, and what's up next for them. is supportive of K-pop's ambition to build its audience in America.  Coverage of a fan meet and greet is a great way to introduce our music video audience to its big stars such as the Wonder Girls.  The audience can see their authenticity and the passion they've built with their fans.
The meet and greet was held at a Justice store in a shopping mall where the girls were promoting the new Jason Nevins remix of "Nobody," which will be sold exclusively at Justice stores in the U.S.

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Rob Campanell
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Let Ebengregory tell it - the story of his drunken trip to the VMAs with his homeboy Kanye, that is! Things get crazy...

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Let EbenGregory tell it - It looks like Kanye is blamin' it on the Henny and heading off to rehab. What?!

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International Feature UK Urban Artists

Jay Sean may be considered an overnight success in America, but he has been working hard in the United Kingdom for the past five years just to get where he is now career-wise.  Building his fanbase in the British Asian/Desi music scene, his popularity grew into the mainstream R&B genre, and his songs were charting with the likes of Ne-Yo and Rihanna in the UK.  He had the good fortune to be "discovered" by Cash Money Records, which gave him instant creditability with the urban music elite in America.

The Jay Sean story is a great example of the grassroots development that has been going on for over a decade.  UK urban artists stopped looking toward America for direction, and started forging their own identity.  Along with this came trendy new names for their different styles.  Garage, grime, drum & bass, dubstep, bassline and niche were thrown alongside hip hop and R&B.   Media also rose up to nurture the UK urban scene as BBC Radio began producing numerous shows dedicated to the urban subgenres, and Channel AKA was programming the music videos on satellite television.


This month's international feature includes artists Jay Sean, T2, Panjabi MC, Mz Bratt, Kano, Mumzy Stranger, Downside, and Dizzee Rascal.  The UK urban artists are doing it on their own terms and making an impact worldwide.

Click Here to Watch the International Spotlight - UK Urban Artists.


Rob Campanell
Director of Content Programming