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Last night at the BET awards Janet Jackson made her first appereance since brother Michael Jackson's death. Her speech was short and emotional.

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micahel jackson

As the world mourns the loss of pop music’s biggest icon, Blastro has created an exclusive playlist of Michael Jackson’s hit music videos. Paying tribute to the King of Pop by watching the likes of “Thriller,” “Rock With You,” “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” “Billie Jean,” “Beat It” and several others, fans now have a one-stop destination to reminisce about a music legend.

"Michael Jackson may go down in history as the biggest music performer the world has ever seen,” said Rob Campanell, Blastro Networks’ Director of Content Programming. “His music video performances single handily moved music video from an obscure niche into the mainstream. His innovative dancing helped revive dance in popular entertainment and made it cool and exciting again."

Check out the playlist, and, by simply registering on Blastro, you can create a tribute playlist of your own from the thousands of music videos on


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Let EbenGregory tell it - after his beard class is over, he joins Spectacular for lunch at the gentleman's club. But this isn't the kind of club Eben was expecting...