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"Everyone Is Entitled To Fifteen Minutes Of Fame"
Andy Warhol

For Angelo Ellerbee It Has Been Thirty Years.

New York, NY - Double XXPosure, one of New York's premier publicity and marketing firms is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this coming year. Founded by the multitalented visionary Angelo Ellerbee, the prestigious firm has been featured in The New York Times, Essence, CNN and others for its groundbreaking initiatives, hands-on approach and extensive industry experience with artists ranging from Mary J. Blige to DMX to Destiny's Child to Dionne Warwick. To commemorate three decades of exposing excellence, Ellerbee is taking this message to artist, labels and businesses across the Country. Beginning on November 15th - December 11th, you can see Ellerbee in the following cities:

Minneapolis, MN - Nov. 15-16
Chicago, IL - Nov. 18-20
Austin, TX - Nov. 23-24
Columbia, SC - Nov. 26-27
Camden, SC - Nov. 28
Rock Hill, SC - Nov. 29
Charlotte, NC - Nov. 30 - Dec. 1
Winston-Salem / Greensboro, NC - Dec. 3-6
Raleigh-Durham, NC - Dec. 7-9
Hartford, CT - Dec. 10-11

At the 30-year benchmark, Double XXPosure hopes to find its greatest successes yet with a plethora of new clients and several budding brands. Among the developments, a Latino division that will serve as an extension to the niche that Double XXPosure has carved in other genres. "We want to allow Hispanics to come in and get the treatment that other artists have been getting. We'll take them from their successful places in the Latin market and help them crossover into the Mainstream market," says Carlethal Bonfante, who will be working heavily with the Latino Division. Angelo Ellerbee adds, "I think Latino music is underrated. This is universal music and it should be marketed that way. Double XXPosure really sets the example, bridging the gap between the Latino community and the world."
Another component of the thirtieth anniversary will be the opening of a Minneapolis, Minnesota recording studio in conjunction with Double XXPosure's record label. "The studio is not just going to be a vehicle for artists to record, but it's going to be a school within a school," tells Ellerbee. The state-of-the-art home for recording will be breaking ground in March 2008. The operation will be partnered with Minneapolis Executive Brett Thielen, "The label and studio will be involved with all genres. I believe in multicultural understanding. I want to see Double Xxposure strengthen Gospel, Hip Hop, R&B and Pop." The yet unnamed label is poised to further the Double XXPosure name and brand.

With a strong reputation in Hip Hop, R&B and other genres, Double XXPosure will focus upon Gospel as the next genre to deliver to the masses. "I think our greatest singers come from Gospel music," begins Ellerbee, an admitted 50-year dependent of the genre. Like Kirk Franklin's crossover a decade ago, Double XXPosure will place this much-needed musical message and strong talents of several Gospel acts into the hands of mainstream audiences.

Artist development will remain something that the firm specializes in, taking raw talent and giving them the personality, the poise and the polish to cope with the media and public eye. "I think that young people in this day and time are getting a clear understanding of the importance of artist development. Young people need to be aware of their conversations, appearances and mannerisms. I look at everything in life as acting, and we're all actors and actresses. You need to understand your role, and be dressed for the role you are going after," says Ellerbee, who gained great acclaim for his life-changing development with Mary J. Blige over a decade ago. "Ten years ago, I saw a reel of one of the members of Wu-Tang Clan criticizing me for trying to make Hip Hop conform to another style. Now I see the same man in a suit and a tie, and he understands."

As his company reinvents itself - yet again, in the thirtieth year, Angelo Ellerbee has personal plans that will only take his brand further. A book is forthcoming, chronicling the life of the actor, stylist, entrepreneur and PR guru's life.

"It's a newness, a new energy. I love to work with the young, the contemporary, and the ambitious. I'm doing this for the purposes of motivating young people who may be less fortunate than I was," says the son of a waitress who was unable to attend high school. "I'm not anyone's judge and jury. I can't tell someone that they can't make it. I can give you the experience and the education to make it, but you've got to be motivated to get yourself to the next level."

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More music from the late, great Tupac Shakur will be hitting the streets on December 4th on Amaru / Universal. The Best of 2Pac, his 9th posthumous release will be a double CD featuring familiar bangers like 'So Many Tears', 'Brenda's Got A Baby', and 'Keep Ya Head Up.' The album will also feature two previously unreleased tracks and two new remixes including 'Dear Momma', now featuring Anthony Hamilton.


So Many Tears
California Love - ORIGINAL MIX
How Do U Want It
I Ain't Mad At Cha
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted
Hail Mary
Unconditional Love
Dear Mama featuring Anthony Hamilton - NEW MIX


Definition of a Thug Nigga
Brenda's Got A Baby
Keep Ya Head Up
When I Get Free
Until The End Of Time - RP REMIX
Never Call You Bitch Again
They Don't Give A Fuck About Us
Still Ballin - NITTY REMIX
Ghetto Gospel

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A wise man (EbenGregory) once said that in Hip-Hop, the competition will bite you if you keep running, but if you stand still, they will swallow you. In another dumb episode called THE JEWELRY REPORT, Jay Z explains why he and Lil Wayne should not be mentioned in the same sentence.

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hip hop
I imagine it must be rather difficult being the offspring of an infamous gangster. Along with all of the perks, I can only assume that there would be an equal amount of pitfalls. Let's ask. recently caught up with his namesake, Frank Lucas, Jr., the, now grown, son of the American Gangster himself, to discuss life -- Past, present, and future.

Exerpt from the interview:
There is film coming out November 2nd directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Denzel Washington playing the role of your father -- Have you seen it yet? If so, what are you feelings about it?

Frank Lucas, Jr.: Yes, I've seen the movie. My sense is that people will appreciate the lesson most needed through American Gangster, and that is that gangsters will always pay the price just like anybody else in life.

When you first heard about it were you happy that they were doing a film based on his life? How did he actually feel about it?

Frank Lucas, Jr.: Well, he felt like indifferent about it because he is not really about the spotlight and having people in his face (and stuff like that) that comes with being a celebrity. His ego wanted it. I was ecstatic about it. For him to have an opportunity to have a movie come out on his life while he is still living, that's big.

Check out the entire interview at RAPINDUSTRY.COM

North Philly's native son Freeway is back with his long-awaited sophomore set Free At Last. Set for a November 20th release on Roc-A-Fella Records, Free at Last chronicles Freeway's struggles to navigate an increasingly hostile and competitive musical environment, while remaining true to the streets, his friends and family, and most importantly himself. "The past four years, a lot's been goin' on with me, personally," explains Free. "I'm a Muslim, and I had the opportunity to go to Mecca, and that really brightened my horizons; the break-up at the Roc, that had me stagnant for a while to be honest; meanwhile, the music is changing, that's how music is, constantly changing. As far as for me, I didn't change anything in terms of my style, I do what I do. I'm a reality rapper, always have been, so I got a lot to say about what's goin' on. I let it all out on record. That's why my fans love me."

Check out this heat rock ""Paper Gangsters" LISTEN

It's confirmed--Dame Dash and Rachel Roy expecting.
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