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If you have all eyes on you, they don't all mean well finds out Kimora Lee Simmons after she made a spectacle at Alicia Keys 27th birthday party in the latest episode of THE JEWELRY REPORT. Wanna see what happens when a diva gets insulted and EbenGregory has idle time on his hands? Press play for foolishness.

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Let Me Be the One

Check out the hot new single "Let Me Be the One" Featuring Fat Joe

"Let Me Be the One" featuring Fat Joe

More on Issa:
Issa's music mixes a combination of R&B and Latin music, infused with urban beats and rhythms to create a sound you've never heard before! Issa's music stays based in R&B grooves and sensual, passionate vocals, but combines sounds and images from her Latina/Filipina upbringing for a hot new sound that will sizzle and melt your mind, body and soul.

Her debut album, Hurt No More (Bungalow/Universal), will be released on March 27, 2007 and is filled with up-tempo dance grooves listeners will want to play over and over. Her first single, "Let Me Be The One," is a remake of the popular 80's hit by dance group Expose. She released the buzz single "Stay Up," featuring Fat Joe in summer 2006, which was a club and radio smash hit. The talented singer is thankful that an established artist like Fat Joe would collaborate with her despite her relative obscurity. "I thought that he would sound great on one of my tracks and he's Latino as well, so I figured it would be perfect," she says of the pairing. "He's a great person and I'm glad that he was willing to help out someone just starting out. I'm so thankful to him for helping me on this. He made my song blow up much more than it ever would have."

Check out the video for the summer banger "Stay Up":

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