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In "I was hoping nobody was going to notice if I borrowed a few samples" news, a Houston jury found rapper Lil' Flip and Sony BMG Music Entertainment guilty of willful copyright infringement.

Say it ain't so EbenGregory.

It is so and unfortunately the jury verdict found that Suckafree Records, Lil' Flip, his manager Estelle Douglass Hobbs, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Columbia Records, Loud Records, Lucky Publishing and Hobbs Publishing willfully violated the copyrighted music of Tommy Granville, when the Defendants included it on Lil' Flip's platinum-selling CD, Undaground Legend.

See back in Nov. 2004, Lil' Flip (real name Wesley Eric Weston) was sued by songwriter and music producer Tommy L. Granville for alleged unauthorized use of three melodies on Flip's major label debut, Undaground Legend.

While the lawsuit sought $1.5 million in damages and an unspecified amount for alleged willful infringement, the Houston jury awarded Granville $150,000, the maximum statutory damages under the law. Magistrate Judge Stacy also fined Sony $12,000 for their failure to adhere to the court's orders to turn over financial documents.

Here's Tommy Granville's lawyer, Scott Hemingway, on the verdict: We're very pleased that the jury agreed that Tommy Granville's music was illegally taken by these Defendants. Sony is one of the world's biggest enforcers of its copyright rights and it files 1000's of copyright infringement lawsuits against Internet file-sharers to protect its rights. It is nice to see the jury tell Sony and the other Defendants that they should respect the copyrights of others the same way they want their own copyright rights respected.

Here's some jewelry being dropped by EbenGregory on Lil' Flip/Sony BMG Music being found guilty of copyright infringement: Don't tell your problems to people: 80% don't care and the other 20% are glad you have them. Two words: Game Over.

Some of you won't get that last line. Pun intended.

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In "I wonder if I can get some of this R&B money" news, Dr. Dre signed Marsha Ambrosius, one half of the Grammy-nominated duo Floetry, to a solo recording deal. Word on the street is the invitation to work with the rapper-producer came late last year, when Ambrosius and partner Natalie Stewart were performing two Floetry shows at The Roxy in Los Angeles.

The singer-songwriter says she is thrilled at the chance to work with Dre, who has only worked on a few projects in recent years. Though Dre is not exactly known for dabbling in Floetry's brand of neo-soul, Marsha has no doubt the alliance will work.

Here's Marsha Ambrosius to MTV on working with Dr. Dre: I'm absolutely ... I'm in shock. It shows all dreams are real. It's one of those situations where I'd be a fool to pass it up. The idea was posed to my manager and he said, 'The offer is laid out on the table. What do you want to do?' I figured [I'm] 28 years old, I came over to the U.S. [from the U.K.] on a whim that something might happen, I'm already three albums deep with Floetry. That's already made its mark and is something that will remain. I would genuinely be a fool not to do it. Anybody would. Who wouldn't? It's a lifetime opportunity. It's not like he offers to do an album with everybody.

You're absolutely right. He doesn't offer to do an album with just anybody, just ask Truth Hurts, Busta Rhymes or Eve.

Here's some jewelry being dropped by EbenGregory on Floetry's Marsha Ambrosius signing a solo recording deal to Aftermath: The trouble with resisting temptation is it may never come your way again. Maybe the Soundscan gods will smile upon you.

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In "I'm gonna try the 50 Cent route and see if it translates into album sales" news, punk pop star PINK is eagerly anticipating the backlash over her new music video. Plus, she's vowed to personally tackle the angry stars she parodies - should they dare complain.

The music video for Stupid Girls sees the singer mercilessly ridicule stars including Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and Jessica Simpson poking fun at their fame-hungry actions.

In the Dave Meyers-directed clip for "Stupid Girls," Pink's surrounded by superficiality, and includes references to Paris Hilton's sex tape, Jessica Simpson's music videos, Mary-Kate Olsen's boho shopping sprees and Lindsay Lohan's car crashes.

Here's Pink on making fun of Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and Jessica Simpson in her new video Stupid Girls: As of Monday, when the video's out, I'm going to have to wear a bullet-proof vest. My PR has already got so many calls from a bunch of women who think I'm slating them, but I don't care. I grab the phone myself and I'm like. 'Yeah? What do you want? It's fun stirring it all up. I'm not afraid. I don't know Paris Hilton, but I know about her porno, ONE NIGHT IN PARIS.

Oh really?

I guess this is good publicity for your new album, I'm Not Dead, being released on April 4. Let me help you promote. Click here to see pictures of PINK making fun of Stupid Girls. And speaking of stupid.

Here's some jewelry being dropped by EbenGregory on PINK mercilessly ridiculing Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and Jessica Simpson: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, although I don't think this rule of thumb applies to the three stooges.

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In "This is so silly, it really shouldn't be headline" news, R&B diva ASHANTI recently sought medical advice after her passion for high-heeled shoes began to cripple her feet.

Oh really Ashanti? What seems to be the problem?

The ONLY YOU hit-maker adores designer stilettos, but admits her love of the high life was affecting her ability to perform. Hmm, what did those stilettos do to your feet?

Here's Ashanti to Contact Music on the damage high heels caused her feet: I have two bones in my foot which are growing out of place from wearing pointy shoes. It really hurts, so my doctor made me custom moulds for my shoes. Your feet get damaged when you wear heels every day.

I wonder how your feet look without the boots.

On another note, Ashanti recently performed at Detroit's prom - an annual black-tie charity gala that counted Aretha Franklin and Steve Harvey among its 17,000 guests (most of whom paid $400 per ticket for the privilege of mingling amid the latest concept cars). The North American International Auto Show raised $6.8 million for 11 Detroit-based nonprofit organizations, including children's charities, education funds and police athletic leagues.

Here's some jewelry being dropped by EbenGregory on Ashanti's feet being damaged by high heels: Cheap shoes are nothing more than new wine in old skin. My feet, my feet!

Even Ashanti thought that was funny. Speaking of funny, check out this picture of a buff and oily Kanye West with his shirt off. Can you say air-brush?