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Parody music video from Sarah Schwarzman, "So Important"
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11 year old Cheskino covers "Steal My Girl".
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Serbian beauty Lady Lee global collaboration with NJ rapper, JR The Beast.
by Rob Campanell // Thursday, November 27, 2014 // // 0 Comments

Lady Lee "boy toy"

As Blastro keeps pushing on with the New Global Urban, we present a video premiere from Serbia's Lady Lee.  She collaborated with New Jersey's J.R. The Beast. WIth Lady Lee doing her own lyrics and J.R doing his rap in a New Jersey studio.  Reknowned Serbian producer, Marko Kon of Studio 3000  put the music together to deliver a great R&B / Hip hop feel with sexy vibes. The video was shot in two locations, USA and Serbia.   The video features the sultry Lady Lee immediately grabbing the attention of the hard bodied gentlemen by the pool.   She looks alluring during the nighttime swim

Watch Lady Lee "Boy Toy"

Watch Lady Lee "Houdini"

Watch Lady Lee "Romeo"

Animated music video from new hip hop artist.
by Rob Campanell // Monday, July 21, 2014 // // 0 Comments

MDZ hip hop artist

MDZis a southern style mid-western rapper known for his powerful lyrics and “feel good music”. Learning from life struggles and gang violence in his neighborhood, a drug addicted mother, and several moves during his childhood, MDZ found a safe haven in sports and academics – a gift he pays forward as a coach and mentor.

"Bettie Krocker" is an animated music video depicting three curvy, sexy video vixens and the three guys attracted to them.   In this case it turns out to be MDZ, Frenchie, and Jonny from Protekted Records."   The ladies show it off in the shopping aisles and at the dance club.   They guys are ready to pour their money and their hearts into the special recipe these gals are mixing up.

"I have a special affection for animated music videos because I got started in this industry as a producer of a computer animated music video show.   The exageratted application of physics with baseballs and bassbins in this video is funny.   You'll have to watch it to see what I mean." says Rob Campanell, co-founder and director of content programming for Blastro.

Watch "Bettie Krocker"