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Video Premiere - Emii is the abused, kept woman of the local Wise Guy until an unlikely heroine with serious martial skills intervenes.
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Emii has captivated audiences in major venues and dance clubs around the world, sharing stages with the likes of Flo Rida, Iyaz, Inna, Robin S., Mia Martina, and more, for audiences of 25,000 and beyond. Having been featured in Billboard Magazine, MTV Buzzworthy, Rolling Stone Magazine (Middle East), Inked Magazine, The Insider, MTV’s LOGO On Demand, Vibe, VH1′s Pop-Up Video.

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The Weekly Recap is for introducing some of the highlights that we’ve seen in this past week’s music video releases. This week’s recap is the Artistic Edition. 

The beginning of August marks summer coming to an end. However, the heat of the competition has not dwindled with acts such as Ulala Session, Lim Jeong Hee, and Big Star all returning to the scene after long hiatuses. With all of these veterans now in the running for number one it falls down to the artistic aspect of the music video that wins fans over as both veterans and rookies alike return with artistic music videos and straying from the k-pop norm.
2NE1 continues their return with “Do You Love Me”. The song is the work of Teddy, DEE.P, and Lydia, and the lyrics depict the feelings of a girl who has fallen in love and is curious to know how the other person feels about them. Instead of a formal MV with dazzling visuals, the girls decided to tone it down by adding a personal feel through a home-made style video. The girls let their personalities shine as they just simply have fun from a club to a pool to a hotel room. 

ZE:A also makes a long awaited return with “Ghost of the Wind”. The group returns more charismatic than ever dressed in white suits for the MV as dramatic elements show the attraction that they had to the female lead.

Rookie band B.A.P continue their string of blockbuster music videos with “Badman”. The boys return as fierce warriors in the blockbuster MV shot in the same filming location as the "Transformers" in Detriot. 100 extras were also brought in to make the point of Bang Yong Guk’s lyrics of pointing out the issues in society that we would be made aware of but just forget.

Last week it was Ailee who, although was suffering a broken ankle, rose to the top of the charts with her strong and charastmatic “U & I”. This week it’s her friends, F(x), who has landed in the number one spot on all of the charts and taking the k-pop scene by storm with their unique but just as addictive song, “Rum Pum Pum Pum”. The pop dance track shows off F(x)'s signature style with crazy colors from head to toe and intricate choreography to emphasize the out of the box song.

It will be interesting to see who comes out on top as the string of artistic music videos reaches an all time high as veterans return with music videos that are out of the typical kpop norm.
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 When one thinks the factors that contributes to the Hallyu wave, one thinks of the dramas. Korean dramas are in high demand to the point that has created a partnership with to offer Korean Dramas with English Subtitles.

As a leader of the Hallyu Wave, "Winter Sonata" will celebrate its 10th Anniversary on February 8th at the Tokyo International Forum Hall. KBS Media has teamed up with STARDOOR to provide 5,000 lucky fans with the opportunity to meet PD Yoon Suk Ho and cast members Jung Dong Hwan, Song Ok Sook, Ryu Seung Soo, as well as the mother of the late Park Yong Ha.
Winter Sonata is credited for starting the second Hallyu wave and extending it towards Japan. Along with the story line that leaves an impact on its viewers, the original soundtrack has made headlines with famous pianst Yiruma and singer Ryu.
The soundtrack of Winter Sonata holds multiple iconic songs including “My Memory”. The song was performed by Ryu and the lyrics matches the story line that focuses on the then Kang Joon-sang (played by Bae Yong Joon) who has to deal with memory loss due to a fatal accident that seperated him from his love Jeong Yoo-jin (played by Choi Ji Woo) when they were young. Ten years later, the two meet again and even though Kang Joon-sang, now Lee Min-hyeong, does not remember his past, the attraction and emotion is still there between the couple.

For more information on the drama, visit the official Korea Tourism Website.
To watch the drama you can find it on
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In an industry of prepackaged and one-dimensional pop acts, Haley Pharo is quickly emerging as a versatile singer/songwriter with exceptional talents and wisdom beyond her years.

Haley began singing at age 7 and, by age 11, had penned her first song, "Love Saves Us All," which she later produced with Grammy-award-winning producer Keith Harris. By the age of 12, she wrote and recorded several songs with Justin Timberlake vocalist Raab Stevenson. After Black Eyed Peas star Will.I.Am heard her music when she was just 14 years young, he immediately took interest in her career. Haley has penned two songs, "One Thing" and "What Are We Doin" to Will's original tracks.

After developing relationships with some of today's most talented and celebrated musicians, Haley continues to strive to be a more skilled and diverse performers by working with great voice coaches and famed choreographers. With her hard work and undeniable natural beauty inside and out, her career is sure to be a long and strong one.

The young starlet just came out of the studio with J. Mizzle to create her first highly anticipated public release, "Love Hangover." Be sure to check out the MP3 below... and definitely keep an eye out for Haley Pharo!

Haley Pharo - Love Hangover