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How do I watch music videos?

You must have the Flash Player 10+ plugin for your browser.

How do I build a playlist?

Click here to learn how to create a playlist.

How do I favorite a video?

Click here to learn how to favorite a video.

Can I download music videos?

Our copyright agreements with the record labels prevent us from allowing people to download the videos. Our web site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to enjoy all the videos you want. We can let you watch them all day long. We just can't redistribute or sell the videos.

How often do you add new videos to your site?

We add videos on a daily basis. Whether it's music videos or our award-winning original programming, you are guaranteed to get fresh new video content from Blastro.

Why don't you have any music videos by <insert artist/band name here>?

If you see an artist that we are missing, feel free to contact us at

How can I get my video on Blastro?

Register for a promoter account and upload a video or send a copy of your video in any of the following formats: DVD, mini-DV SP, or VHS to our programming director:

Clay Fain
609 W. 18th St., Suite C
Austin, TX 78701

All videos are reviewed for programming on Blastro. If it passes screening, it will be programmed on Blastro.

How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?

Send an email to In the subject put, unsubscribe. In the body put Unsubscribe (your email address here) and then send it. You will be completely removed from our list. Blastro will not and does not sell or distribute your email address.