Swedish-born songstress Jenny Marielle Petersson is one of Europe's fastest rising pop starlets, and for good reason. Recording under the name Velvet (not to be confused with hard rock supergroup Velvet Revolver or 60's psychedelia darlings The Velvet Underground), Petersson's winning combination of beach blonde good looks and dance-friendly tunes have caught the attention of trendsters and clubgoers across Europe. Fans of Eurodance groups like Milk Inc. and Cascada won't be disappointed by the catchy and infinitely danceable tracks Velvet has to offer.

Born in Helsingborg in southern Sweden, Petersson moved to the capital city of Stockholm during her teenage years to study ballet, eventually shifting her focus towards music and singing. She began to perform in local clubs and cabarets, in time finding work as a backup dancer and studio singer for a number of artists worldwide, including Swedish sensations like Lena Philipsson and Jessica Folcker as well as international artists as diverse as rock-opera impresario Meat Loaf.

Velvet began her solo career in earnest in 2005, signing to Bonnier Amigo Music Group (Melanie C, Bodies Without Organs) and releasing her debut album Finally a year later in 2006. Finally produced a number of hit singles, among them "Rock Down To (Electric Avenue)", "Don't Stop Moving", and "Mi Amore". Finally proved to be an influential album in the European club scene, charting hits in her native Sweden as well as in Poland and the United Kingdom.

After the release of Finally, Velvet toured extensively across Europe in support of the album, playing to packed clubs in Russia, Italy, and Greece as well as entering the Eurovision Song Contest on a number of occasions. She plans to release her sophomore album The Queen sometime in 2009; The Queen is slated to include a number of her recent hit singles including "Deja Vu" and "Take My Body Close".

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There are multiple artists called Velvet: 1) Velvet, born Jenny Petterson, moved from Helsingborg to Stockholm in 1993 to study ballet at Balettakademien. Alongside her studies, Jenny worked at Wallmans cabaret where she discovered that singing was really what she wanted to do. This was followed by eight years of touring as a choir singer and dancer for a host of major artists including Carola, Lena PH, Markoolio, Sanne Salomonsen, Orup, Meat Loaf, Martin Stenmark and Jessica Folcker.

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