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Milk Incorporated (often shortened to Milk Inc.) is a Belgian vocal trance band. The group, currently comprised of Regi Penxten (keyboards, production), Linda Mertens (vocals, dancing), and Filip Vandueren (production), is known for their pulsating brand of trance interwoven with catchy dance grooves and upbeat vocals. More than just another European dance act, Milk Inc. has proven to be one of the most famous and long-standing electronic bands on the international scene, their popularity fueled by constant touring across dance hotspots like Corsica and Antwerp.

The band formed as a part-time studio project between Regi and Filip in early 1996. Both had been early entrants to the trance scene that had been developing in Europe since the early 1990's, finding scattered work deejaying at parties and clubs - a humble beginning shared by many other heavyweights in the genre, including DJ Tiesto and the members of fellow Belgian dance group Ian Van Dahl. The duo released their first single "La Vache" in early 1997, off of their independently released 1999 album Apocalypse Cow. Milk Inc. featured a different lineup in its earlier days, supported by a different female singer and a guitarist.

Linda joined the band in late 1997 to form Milk Inc.'s current and most popular lineup. The trio released their second album, Land of The Living, in 2000. Land of The Living proved to be more successful than Apocalypse Cow, with four singles ("Losing Love", "Walk on Water", "Land of The Living", "Livin' a Lie") reaching the top three spots of the Belgian Ultratop music charts. Their third album Closer (2003) continued the trend by spawning another six top ten hits, including fan favorite "The Sun Always Shines on TV".

Though Milk Inc.'s popularity was mostly endemic to Europe throughout their career, the group experienced a surge of popularity abroad when Closer was released in the United States in 2005. When their fourth studio album Supersized was finished in early 2007, the group made sure to launch it in both the European and American market. Standout tracks from Supersized include "Whisper", "Blind", "Tainted Love", and "Run".

With the sudden popularity electronic music is currently enjoying in the United States (with acts like Ladytron and Fischerspooner receiving mainstream attention), it's no surprise that Milk Inc. is beginning to receive wide praise. The band plans to release their fifth major album, Forever, in late 2008.

From Discogs:

Milk Inc. (Milk Incorporated) started as a studio-project of 3 young Belgian producers: Regi Penxten, Filip Vandueren and Ivo Donckers. All three were already active in the commercial house-scene in Belgium, doing succesful things under various names, such as K-Lab (for Dance Opera), Regg & Arkin, Karnak-X, some of the "Illusion"-compilations and remixes for different dance-projects."La Vache", their first release under the name Milk Inc. got a vocal remix by Praga Khan and this one took a flying start. The vocals were done by Nikkie Van Lierop (AKA Jade 4U). The tune became a huge hit in France. After a while, Regi had to look for a new stage act because Jade 4U was way too busy with Praga Khan when they got successful in the US. He found Sofie Winters who was present only on the second single "Free Your Mind". From the third single on (Inside Of Me), Ann Vervoort became the frontstage girl and singer. (Regi being the frontstage boy). In the years before, she had been working as graphic designer and dancer for Pat Krimson. On September 15th, 2000 she announced her departure from Milk Inc. She had decided to leave for Ibiza to start Benimusa Records with her boyfriend at the time, Patrick Claesen (who has/had projects such as Nunca and 2 Fabiola).Linda Mertens became the new singer and face of the group. It has been confirmed from various sources that Ann didn't really sing live and that the real singer was actually Karine Boelaerts (also the studio singer of projects like 2 Fabiola and Maurizzio). Ann could sing but for some parts her voice was not good enough.Ann Vervoort sadly passed away on April 22th, 2010 at the age of 33.

From Lastfm:

Milk Inc. is a dance band from Belgium.

The current members are:

Linda Mertens, (born 20th July, 1978)

Regi Penxten, (born 4th March, 1976) [keyboards, producer]

Filip Vandueren The beginning:

In 1996, the band started as a studio-project of 3 young, talented producers: Regi Penxten, Ivo Donckers & Filip Vandueren and released an EP on the underground label of Dance Opera. In 1997, the song La Vache reaching #21 in UK (although completely unnoticed in their homeland Belgium), started it all.

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From Wikipedia:

Milk Inc. (previously known as Milk Incorporated and briefly known as La Vache in France) is a vocal trance band that formed in the commercial house-scene in Belgium in 1996. The Discography of the band includes a total of six studio albums and thirty-four singles (as of September 27, 2011.) In 2006, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, Milk Inc. decided to surprise fans with a two hour live concert at the Sportpaleis Arena in Belgium. They performed many of their well known hit songs as well as songs from the album Supersized. Concerts are performed annually by Milk Inc. at Sportpaleis.

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