From Ontario, Canada comes the music of Kittie, an all female metal band who did the majority of their work with Artemis Records. Dedicated fans of Slipknot, Kittie borrowed from their unique musical sound and supported the band on their UK tour, earning popularity and recognition. Kittie was formed in 1996 by Mercedes Lander and Fallon Bowman, who met during a gymnastics class in high school. Mercedes' sister, Morgan Lander, soon joined to sing and play guitar. Their original bassist, who has since left and was replaced by Talena Atfield, was Tanya Candler, a close friend of the original band mates.

Kittie gained recognition in 1999 with their first hit single Brackish, off the album Spit. Spit went on to peak on the Billboard charts at #79, eventually going gold in the US. Kittie has released three albums since then, each of which has enjoyed moderate success. Charlotte is the second and only other single off Spit.

Oracle, their second album, reached the highest spot any of their records would ever see on the Billboard chart, peaking out at #57. What I Always Wanted was the first and only single released from Oracle. A unique music video was recorded for this in which a man picks up coins from a river bed and eventually engages in a struggle with an unseen force. In the end, he pulls himself out of the water by a plant and lays exhausted on the river bed.

Until the End, Kittie's third studio album, was released in 2004. Following this, Kittie left their Artemis Records and released their most recent albumFuneral for Yesterday in 2007 on a new label. After the album's release, they kicked off a tour with Walls of Jericho, 36 Crazyfists, Dead to Fall, and In this Moment. Receiving positive feedback for this tour, Kittie was encouraged to extend their time on the road. They continue to write and record, working on their fifth album.

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Kittie is a Canadian band of four female members. Kittie was founded in 1996 by sisters Mercedes and Morgan Lander when they were barely on the cusp of adolescence. Now at the ages of 21 and 23, they are accomplished musicians, writers and well seasoned veterans of the industry. They were just 15 and 17 years of age when their first C.D., "Spit", was released on NG/Artemis records. "Spit" was quickly Certified Gold and to date, they have sold well over 1,250,000 units worldwide with 3 Albums and 2 EP's under their belts.

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Kittie is an all-female Canadian heavy metal band formed in London, Ontario in 1996. The group rose to success in 1999 when the track "Brackish" from their debut album Spit became a hit single. The band has toured with multiple famous acts, including Slipknot during the early 2000s on their UK tour.

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